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Abstract Submission Window: January 1, 2024 - March 31, 2024

The first author MUST pre-register before submitting an abstract; click on the Pre-Registration Tab

The Abstract Template can be downloaded from this link.

Do not change the margins and font (Times New Roman font 12 pitch). Abstracts are limited to the single page of the Abstract Template; do not "spill over" onto a second page. Abstracts must be camera-ready to be consider for review. Accepted abstracts will be published on-line in Nephron at the time of the meeting.

A poster selection committee will select the abstracts to be presented as posters if there are more posters than can be accommodated by the existing space at the meeting venue

First author of selected abstracts will be invited to submit Posters for presentation. A poster template (Powerpoint) will be provided of standard size and orientation to optimize utilization of the available poster space at the venue.  NB: all posters will be generated from the submitted powerpoint files by a commercial vendor and will be installed at the venue at the start of the meeting. There is no charge for this service.  Posters produced "in-house" will not be accepted.  We  will offer travel bursaries to first author presenters to cover their travel expenses to the meeting, but will not offer travel support to poster presenters who represent commercial entities.


Abstract Deadline: March 31, 2024 Indicate your intention to submit an abstract as the first-author in the pre-registration process. The first author should pre-register before uploading an abstract.

"Encore" abstracts can be considered if they are of general interest to the FabryUpdate participants. These abstracts may require redacting to fit our 1-page abstract template (e.g., the number of authors may have to be greatly shortened to fit the 1-page abstract template compared to the original abdstract). Be sure to cite the original reference for an encore abstract submission.  The poster selection committee will decide which of the submitted abstracts will be invted as poster presentations at the meeting.

Abstracts and the final program will published as a special on-line issue of Nephron

Posters:  Submit Poster on PPT template once Abstract Acceptance Notice is Received. The poster must be submitted as a PPT FILE, not as a PDF File.

The Poster Template can be downloaded from this link. Use this template to prepare your poster once you have been notified that your abstract has been accepted for presentation. The poster sub-contractor will work directly with the first author (and/or their designee) and the uploaded PPT File to resolve formatting and layout issues.

Posters for accepted abstracts will be produced from the uploaded  PPT File , and printed on a Mylar material. Upload your completed Poster PPT file at the Poster Upload link, do not send the file directly to PosterSmith. The final versions will be shipped directly to the venue, and will be hanging before the start of the meeting. All posters must be generated by our designated vendor (no exceptions); there is no charge for the poster production. All posters must be finaled with the vendor before May 5, 2024 to allow ample time for any redaction and shipping to the venue.

Inclusion of Selected Abstracts in the Regular Sessions

Exceptional posters will be included in the regular sessions of the meeting. There will be short (7 min), oral presentations, and the presentor will participate in the Moderated Group Discussion of the session. An Abstract Judging Committee will review the abstracts as they are submitted, and share exceptional abstracts  with the Session Chairs who will select abstracts for inclusion as a 7-minute oral presentastion. No more than a single presentation will be included in each session. Presentors of the selected abstracts are still expected to present their poster in the Poster Sessions. The abstracts selected for poster presentation will be announced on April 15, 2024.